Tips and how to dress up a naturally beautiful

Tips and how to dress up a naturally beautiful

everyone especially the women want to look beautiful and attractive. One of the ways that women are often done to dress up or preen. Even for certain people dressing up has become a mandatory thing done before traveling or doing the activity. But in fact there are just a dressed up but even look natural and not overdone or look garish. Instead of becoming more and more beautiful and attractive, in fact can reduce the beauty in themselves. So you must never carelessly in the dress up.

There are a few tips that could carried out in dress-up so that the face will look naturally beautiful and natural, that is as follows.

1. dress up with Talc Powder is the primary device in the dressing up, the function is maintain powder makeup, brighten or whiten face skin, and prevent the oily face. The powder will absorb the oil and make the face appear to be smooth and natural. But the previous select brand powders that are already trusted quality and of course fit in with your skin.

2. Beautify the lip using lipstick. Earlier there were good as contouring the lips using lip pencil. Lip pencil can be applied to make the lips appear to be balanced. If you already use lipstick on lips, adjust brightness or color lipstick according to activity or event to be performed.

3. Enhanced Naturally, Eyebrow-shaping eyebrows will further demonstrate the character of the face. Of course the natural impression should be emphasized, for example, by using a pencil eyebrows that have the same color with the eyebrows. Don't forget to always keep a pencil eyebrows stay sharp so that the results of the goresannya look natural.

4. dress up Either use of Eyeliner eyeliner will show the effect of massive teentu eyes just draw. Use eyeliner around the eyes are on the eyes and not too thick to keep the natural-ness.

5 Tips on how to dress up a Natural:
1. an avid Mandi, especially before doing the daily routine. If you do not shower, it will feel uncomfortable even though we had to dress up.
2. Spray the perfume or use deodorant on some parts of the body, so that your body will be fragrant and this certainly can add to your confidence.
3. dress up in the actual meaning is the apparent makeup, choose supplies make up or cosmetics with great quality and according to your facial skin

But wearing make up is not as easy as imagined, must be accompanied by engineering to how make up evenly and faces are becoming increasingly attractive. If you do not know how to use the correct make-up, here I will apply how to wear make up:

First thing to do is clean the face. Rinse with water or better recommended use milk cleanser and toner. Next you can wear a face serum. Facial Serum serves as a vitamin face, retain moisture and facial structure facial skin. Use this serum twice a week or anytime when the face of the need to use serum, such as during hot weather, resulting in dry skin and dull. Next use the facial moisturizer containing SPF which serves to ward off the face of the Sun directly.

The next step you can use foundation. There are several types of foundation. Adjust the foundation based on characteristics such as skin colour your face or skin type you have.

After using the foundation, then use the powder, the powder there are two kinds of powder that sow (Loose Powder) and powder compact (Pressed Powder). Powder sow to the skin that tends to be greasy but there's no harm in wearing a more perfect powder sow new swept past with solid powder for a more equitable result.

Afterwards you can also use the blush on the cheeks or beginners that serves to give rona on the cheek, how to use it is able to use the blush brush from the round cheeks and point upward towards the cheekbones.

Next, to reassert the shape of the eyebrows, you can use pencil eyebrow pencil goreskan, how to both eyebrows at the edge, use the instinct to be the same eyebrows.

The next part is the eyelashes, to beautify the shape or line of lashes, you can just use mascara.

Use to add a different impression of Eyeshadow, eyeshadow color selection can be customized with the colors of your clothes or with the application of several colors. For an impression of natural color pastel colors to choose disiang the day was for the appearance at night election day color could be emphasized again that the colour is of course still fit with the dress you are wearing.

The use of eyeliner will also make your looks more interesting especially in the area of the eye, because the eyeliner serves to reaffirm the eye beams.

For the latter use the finishing make-up, use all over your face and your eyes.

Lipstick, choose colors that are similar or to suit your taste or customize with Your event to be attended, because lipstick colour has varied.

So the little Tips and how to dress up a Pretty natural. May be useful for you, appear more confident, dynamic and perfect impression on yourself and Good Luck to you.

How To Make Up

How To Make Up

 1. how to apply Eye Liner

Sipit eyes: apply eye liner at the top with very thin eyelashes, then to bottom lashes eye liner is applied on the outside of the growing feathers.
Big eye: apply eye liner on the top lashes with a thick, somewhat later to lower lashes eye liner is applied on the inside of the growing feathers.
The eyes are not the same: how to application the same as above (see the condition of the eye where the large sipit/).

2. Lashes look Thicker
For who does not love to wear fake fur, so lashes look thicker eyelashes: clipped in advance using the eyelash curler afterwards apply mascara, mascara feathers inserted into powders sow and applied to the eyelashes mascara put feathers/then dipped into the next applied mascara to lashes back.

3. Deployment of shading the nose
For a long nose/high, deployment of shading started from the tip of the nose and broken, leading to eyelid.
For the short nose high, deployment/less shading started from the tip of its nose to the base of the eyebrows.
For excess cupingnya nose that provide shading on the tip of the excess.

4. Deployment & Powder Foundation
Foundation deployment must be thinner than the powder for makeup looks perfect.
The foundation should be more deployment of one tone (older) of skin color and the color of the powder is younger than the foundation.

5. Deployment Concealer
Avoid white colored concealers for as it will make the eye more dilated pouch.

6. Deployment Eye Shadow
For a convex eye color eye shadow, avoid the berparel.
For the sunken eyes, avoid colors eye shadow that matte.
To produce an assertive color gives a black or brown base color and then apply the color we want.
To the eyes that go down we can use our eyes or make the Scots make up eye of the cat eyes.

7. Deployment Eyebrows
Note the distance of eyes to determine the position of the actual Eyebrow eye brow far distance had somewhat pulled into too close eyes and eyebrows stretched Pack.